Special Notice:

FRIDAY NIGHT STEAK DINNER IS BACK!  Get your dinner tickets at the concession stand or signup before 2pm Friday.  Meal includes:

Porterhouse steak, grilled to order (substitute chicken if you’d like)
Baked potatoes with do-it-yourself fixins
Sweet corn
Rolls & butter
$20/person  ($18 for chicken)

Gate Hours and Prices

Gate opens THURSDAY at 6pm and stays open all night.

You can pull into the lanes and wait as early as 5pm, but please don’t park on the shoulder of Red Bud Trail!
There are No Parking signs posted. Rigs parked on the shoulder make us very unpopular with our neighbors, Buchanan Twp and the police!

Gate Fees (all riders, and specatators age 12 & up)

$25 | Thursday/Friday/Saturday
$25 | Friday/Saturday (reduced to $20 at 5pm)
$15 | Saturday only

CAMPING is available Thursday and Friday nights.  Sorry, no camping Saturday night.


Opens Friday at 9am; practice starts at noon.
Opens Saturday at 7am; practice at 9am; racing by 10:30 or 11am.

Practice & Race Fees

*Please note: race entry includes transponder rental and lap time printouts!

$25 | Friday practice
$40 | “A” Classes (cash payback)
$35 | all other classes (plaque awards)

Cash, Visa and MasterCard accepted at registration.

No memberships required for this event.  Transponder scoring by LapTimes USA.  Pick up your transponder BEFORE you get in the signup line.  No transponder rental fee, but a credit card is needed for security deposit.

Friday Practice starts at NOON!  Groups (tentative) – 3 rotations:

Group 1 | 40+ A, 35+ B/C, 45+ B/C
Group 2 | 25+ Novice, 30+ Novice, 35+ Novice, 40+ Novice
Group 3 | 18+ A, 18+ B/C, 25+ B/C
Group 4 | 50+ A, 40+ B/C, 50+ B/C
Group 5 | 30+ A, 30+ B, 55+
Group 6 | 45+ Novice, 60+, 65+, Women
Group 7 | 25+ A, 35+ A, 45+ A

Saturday Race Classes

Age | Classes
18+ | A, B/C, Women, Two-Stroke
25+ |A, B/C, Novice
30+ | A, B/C, Novice
35+ | A, B/C, Novice
40+ | A, B/C, Novice
45+ | A, B/C, Novice
50+ | A, B/C

Vet Series | GLMX Mafia Championship Series

This event is part of a 4-race series.  See mxvets.com for series info.

If you want series points, you must enter an A or B class.
If you’re a novice who doesn’t care about points, you can enter a Novice class.

We pay race day awards (plaques or checks) in all classes.

The following classes also pay GLMX Mafia Series points:
18+ Women, 25+ A, 30+ A, 30+ B, 35+ A, 40+ A, 40+ B, 45+ A, 50+ A, 55+

RedBud Physical Address:

13638 Redbud Trail North, Buchanan, MI 49107
Phone: 269-695-6405