Pro National MX

DAILY ENTRANCES (racers, scroll down for more details)


South Entrance ONLY: open 6pm – 12am.

You can’t drive through the gates at 6pm unless you’re in a Staging line. There will be lines from 2 Staging areas, with police escorts, that come in first.  If you don’t use a Staging Area, we suggest arriving at 7pm or later.

Staging areas open at 8am Wednesday.

Staging 1 – Berrien County Youth Fairgrounds – 6 miles north of the track.  This is a good choice for extra big rigs; the space is much larger.

Staging 2 – River Street in Buchanan – 3 miles south of the track.


South Entrance ONLY: open 6am – 12am.
Amateur practice on the pro track; 65cc and up bikes.  Practice starts at 10am.

*FRIDAY, July 5

South Entrance ONLY:: open 6am – 12am.

Scouting Moto Combine: Times TBA.
Amateur Day Race: on the pro track for limited classes, 65cc – Open.  Check back for info and pre-registration link.  Practice starts at 8am.
Amateur Night Race: on the night track; all classes 50cc and up.  Practice starts at 7pm.

Fireworks at approximately 10:30pm.



North Entrance  GENERAL PARKING opens at 6:30am: Daily car parking (no campers).

West Entrance  GENERAL PARKING opens at 7:00am: Daily car parking (no campers).

South Entrance ONLY FOR VIP pass holders, Handicap parking, Trackside Parking pass holders, Campers and Street Bikes. Opens at 6:30am:

Practice: starts at 8:00am
Opening ceremonies: 12:30pm.
1st Moto: 1:00pm.

Amateur racing on the night track after the National; all 50cc & up classes.  Fireworks at 10:30pm.

Your Saturday ticket includes all of these events!

*Sunday, July 7

South Entrance ONLY: opens at 7am.
Amateur racing on the full pro track layout; 65cc and up bikes.  Practice starts at 8am.  Make sure you pre-register online if you plan to arrive Sunday morning.



BUYERS BEWARE!  Universe is the ONLY official ticketing provider for RedBud Pro Motocross. Tickets obtained from other sources cannot be searched, reprinted, refunded, or exchanged by RedBud or Universe. Tickets from other sources may be counterfeit, stolen, or invalid and may not be honored.

NOTE: TICKETS DO NOT SELL OUT.  Online ticket sales end Saturday at 8am, and tickets will be available at the event all day Saturday (cash or card).  

GO HERE FOR ONLINE TICKETS, where you’ll find all ticket and camping prices and descriptions.


General Admission tickets are ALWAYS available at the event.  They do not sell out.


A Saturday ticket includes Saturday parking, the pro national, amateur night racing afterwards and the fireworks after dark; it’s good until the night race concludes!   This is all you need to enjoy all the main events.

If you’re camping Saturday night and/or staying for the Sunday race, you’ll need a Saturday/Sunday ticket.

All tickets include Saturday. Not interested in the pro race?  We suggest coming for an amateur race weekend on a different date so you’re not paying for something you don’t want!

Arrive early Saturday!  Avoid the long lines and enjoy early practice sessions starting at 8am.  Practice is a great time to walk around and check out different track sections and places to sit for the day.  Bring a blanket and/or chairs, an umbrella for shade, and a cooler if you’d like.  Just no glass containers or alcohol, please.   There are some areas outside the infield where you can use an EZ Up. Umbrellas can be used anywhere, but small umbrellas only in bleachers, please.


Whether buying online or at the track, a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday ticket will be good through Sunday.  If you’re camping Saturday night and/or staying for the Sunday race, you’ll need a Saturday/Sunday ticket.


As of Friday, July 1, 5:30pm: there are 20 camp sites remaining; they’ll be sold out before the gates open Wednesday. Do not expect to camp at the track if you haven’t purchased a camping pass in advance. When they’re sold out, we don’t have more camping available.


VIP Passes will be available after the new year; they are an ADD-ON to General Admission tickets.

Trackside Parking/Tailgating in two areas: the Hammer of Thor jump and LaRocco’s Leap.  Fence row spaces will be offered after the new year to previous buyers, and the remainder will be available online.
Limited parking  is also available behind the fence row for a reduced price.  It’s a great option if you want your car and supplies nearby, if you have trouble walking long distances, and if you want a nice viewing area but don’t like to be in the big crowds.  (See Handicap Access and Viewing info below.)
IMPORTANT: Access to the Trackside Parking areas is ONLY available through the South Entrance!

Pit Passes will be available for the hours of 9am until 12pm on Saturday.  We suggest buying online; quantities are limited and tend to sell out by Friday.   There will be an early check-in Friday to alleviate the lines Saturday morning;  exact time and location TBA.


AMA membership required for all races, (not for Thursday practice).

District 14 membership required for all Michigan residents.



We’re passionate about providing as much racing as possible in the biggest weekend of the year! But it has to be more efficient. Signup lines were way too long last year.

What we need from you is to 1) sign up online, and 2) check-in at the track. We should be able to check you in for all your races in one trip to signup.

Why check-in? Every race, people sign up online but don’t make it to the event for various reasons. We can’t hold a spot for you if you don’t check in.  Please check in ASAP!

Need to drop out of a race or class? Do that ASAP, too!  If you don’t drop out before practice starts for an event, we can’t refund your entry.


See the daily events schedule below. Online Registration is mandatory for the Friday race. 

For the other events, classes may fill and be unavailable at the track. We will take registrations at the track on a first come-first served basis. 

You must check-in and pick up practice stickers for EACH event at the track.  Riders who have not checked in by the posted time for each event will be deleted.

Deleted entries will be refunded after the weekend. Class fees are 100% refundable; credit card and system fees are not refundable.

PLEASE NOTE: 50cc and Minibike beginner classes are NOT included in the pro track events!  They are included in the Friday and Saturday night races.

Transponder scoring is mandatory for all events. Pick up your transponder on your way to Registration to check in. Rental fee is $10/day (not per event).

All races are awarded separately.  Please pick up awards at the end of each event.  We cannot ship awards!


Practice day on the pro track (amateur version). Practice starts at 10am.  Three rotations.
Groups for 65cc – 450cc (bikes only).


Amateur racing on the pro track (amateur version). 2-moto format. Practice starts at 8am with racing immediately following.

Class sizes are limited and some classes are not offered Friday to accomodate the Scouting Moto Combine and Media Day Activities.

Alternates will be accepted online and placed into the event after non-checkins are deleted at the posted time Friday.


Amateur racing on the night track.  50cc & up bikes. Practice starts at 7pm with racing immediately following.
1-moto format.


Amateur racing on the full pro course layout /  65cc & up bikes plus AMA Pro Am classes / 2-moto format. Practice starts at 8am with racing immediately following.



Parking fee is $10/day Thursday and Friday.  SATURDAY PARKING IS FREE; NO PASS NEEDED. No charge for motorcycle daily parking any day.


Just coming for Saturday?  The best parking is through the South Entrance on Red Bud Trail.  Show your state handicap placard to help us direct you as smoothly and quickly as possible.  If you have specific needs, give us a call so we can explain the viewing options and direct you to the best track entrance. 269-695-6405.

Option 1:  Parking inside the fence (through Gate 1) near the Hammer of Thor jump.
Use the South Entrance on Red Bud trail, and try to stay in one of the left 2 lanes when you enter.
This is a great track view away from the crowd and close to your parking area.
Show your handicap parking tag and ask to be directed to Gate 1, straight ahead after leaving the gate lane booth.

Option 2:  Parking outside the Gate 4 entrance to the pro track area.  Use the South Entrance on Red Bud Trail.  This is the closest parking to the midway and vending areas, which lead to the track infield.

Option 3: Parking near Gate 6, accessible from the West Entrance on Main Street.  Walk to the midway and vending areas, which lead to the track infield.  (You can park a bit closer by using the South Entrance on Red Bud trail.)

If you’re camping, bring your handicap tag or sticker.  We’ll direct you to a camping row with the best access to handicap shuttle carts to take you to and from the track.  Call 269-695-6405 /email [email protected] for more information.


A variety of food and beverages are available at both the pro track and night track midway areas.
Food vendors generally include burgers, fries, nachos, pizza, burritos, BBQ, ice cream and other specialty items.
Beverages include water, soft drinks, Monster Energy drinks, coffee, iced tea, beer and seltzer beverages.
Some vendors, food and beer stands accept credit cards; all accept cash.  We’re not downtown … WiFi problems happen!  It’s a good idea to bring cash as a backup in case vendors have problems with credit card processing.


*No Stacycs!  We love those little things, but it’s too dangerous for little kids this weekend with all the traffic.

NO PIT BIKES/PERSONAL VEHICLES! This has been ignored in recent years; it will be enforced!  Security will stop pit vehicles. You’ll have the option to remove it from the property, or have it impounded and secured for the duration of the event. There will be a $50 convenience fee to return impounded vehicles.  Please follow the rule and avoid the hassle! Prohibited vehicles include: golf carts, scooters, ATVs, side-by-sides, motorcycles/minibikes, Class 2 e-bikes (bikes with a throttle that move without pedaling), and licensed motorcycles being used as a pit bike.  We offer golf cart shuttles for handicap transportation from camping and parking lots to the track area.

ABSOLUTELY NO DRONES. This is a safety issue: Flying one will result in eviction from the property. 1) It’s illegal to fly one over a crowd. 2) There’s a helicopter flying all weekend – anything else must be coordinated with the helicopter.

BICYCLES: Pedal bikes and one-wheels are welcome in the camping lots.  *No bikes or one-wheels inside the numbered gates to the pro track area or on the night track vending area/midway. 

PETS: Allowed in your own Lot Zero, 1, 2, 3, or 4 campsite, if you have a camper with air conditioning. No pets inside any numbered gate, at the night track or in pro track spectator areas.  They must remain at your Lot campsite.  This includes Companion and Emotional Support animals.  The only place friendly pets, Companion and Emotional Support animals are allowed is in your camp site.  No pets in tent sites. No pets in camping Lot B.  For the safety and comfort of all fans, we reserve the right to refuse entry or ask you to remove unfriendly or uncontrolled pets!

QUIET TIME: It’s not quiet with night racing going on – we get it!  Security will ask anyone with excessively loud music, generator or other noise to quiet down whenever needed if it’s affecting neighboring campsites.

GENERATORS: See Quiet Time rule above.  There’s no time restriction for quiet generators.  ** For safety reasons, all camp sites are at least 20′ wide; place generator within your campsite, away from your neighbors. Plan and know where your generator exhaust is going! Make sure it’s directed away from any campers, including yours.

CAMP FIRES: If you bring a fire ring, small camp fires are permitted in your camping area.

FOOD AND DRINKS are available at the pro track and night track from a variety of food vendors. You can also bring your own food and drinks, just no glass.

BEER/ALCOHOL AT THE PRO TRACK:  You cannot bring alcohol into or out of the pro track or pro pit area. That is, no alcohol through the numbered gates (Gates 1 through 12).  Coolers, backpacks, etc. are subject to search at the gates.

BEER/ALCOHOL IN THE CAMPING LOTS: You can BYO to the camping areas; no glass. 

MARIJUANA: It’s legal in Michigan now, but not at RedBud.  We don’t want to confiscate your weed; please don’t bring it!

BEER STANDS are located at the pro track.  Beer can be purchased and consumed there and may not be taken out of any numbered gates.  Minimum age 21 to purchase and consume alcohol; must show valid government photo ID.

NO FIREARMS or WEAPONS.  They will be confiscated.

NO FIREWORKS.  Don’t bring your own; enjoy the professional fireworks shows!