Weekend Format

SATURDAY OPEN RIDINGon the big track for 65cc and up bikes. BIG TRACK RIDING TIME 11:00am to 5:00pm!
Riding on the 50 track for all 50cc bikes, and 65cc, 85cc and 4-stroke trail beginners, mini quads.  50 TRACK RIDING TIME 11:30am to 4:30pm.
XRs: If registered or the Sunday XR Race(s), you can practice on the 50 track from 4:30 to 5:00pm (no extra charge).
5:30pm: Trick-or-Treating

SUNDAY AMATEUR RACING ON THE GRASS TRACK.  65cc & up Bikes, and Schoolboy & up Quads race on the grass track.
All 50cc and all 50 track classes race on the 50 track.  XRs race on the 50 track immediately following the last moto of the first round on the grass track.
Sunday practice starts at 8:30am with racing immediately following.  Don’t be late to signup!  Daylight is short this time of year.

Gates open Friday at 6pm and stay open all weekend.



Take the fast lane at signup!  Not sure what classes you want?  Just sign up for ONE and you can add or change classes easily at the track.

** NOTE: Due to time limitations, all 50cc classes will be on the 50 track both days this weekend.  All mini quads will also be on the 50 track both days.

Registration opens at 8am.
$35 per group on the big track.  Groups are: Vet Racers, A/B class racers, C class & beginners, Minibikes (65cc & up).
$35 per group on the 50 track.  Groups will be split at the 50 track depending on the number of 50s, 65s, 85s, quads, trail bikes, etc.
Registration for the Sunday Grass Race will be open from noon – 6pm.

Registration opens at 7am. Don’t be late!  Practice starts at 8:30.
$40 per grass track class entry (includes transponder rental at no additional charge; $100 security deposit required)
XR Classes $30 entry fee: racing on the 50 track.  (No transponder needed.)

Cash or credit card accepted for transponder security deposit and for registration.

AMA and District 14 membership is encouraged for all racers, but not mandatory for this event.

Here’s a basic class list.  Questions on classes? Email [email protected]dmx.com or call us at 269-695-6405.

  • 50 Track
  • Wobbler 4-8 – Beginner class; any 50cc bike is OK
  • 50 Trail 4-8 & 50 SS(Shaft Drive) 4-8 Limited – both classes are open to PWs and Hondas (shifters removed), KTM Mini Adventures, and other smaller 50s, especially the old models.
  • 50 Jr 4-6 & 50 Sr 7-8 Limited –  for the more competitive bikes like Cobras & KTMs
  • 65 Beginner & 85 Beginner – for kids who don’t want to race on the big track, are learning to shift, etc.
  • Trailblazer – for kids with trail bikes, typically 110s
  • ATV Classes: 50 Jr 4-6, 50 Sr 6-8, 70 Jr 6-11, 90 Jr 8-15, 90 Auto 8-15
  • Grass Track
  • 65 Jr 7-9, 65 Sr 10-11, 65 Open 7-11
  • 85 Jr 9-11, 85 Sr 12-15, 85 Open 9-15, 85C 9-15 (all but 85 Jr also all 150cc 4-strokes with minibike wheels)
  • Girls 9-15, Schoolboy 1 12-17, Schoolboy 2 12-17, Women 12 & up
  • 125 B/C, 250 A, 250 B, 250 C, Open A, Open B, Open C
  • BEGINNER CLASES: Open D, VetSport 25+ C
  • 14+, 30+, 35+, 40+, 50+, 60+
  • 30+ B/C, 40+ B/C, 50+ B/Ç
  • NonCurrent (10 years or older model) – 125cc & up
  • NC99 (1999 model year or older) – 125cc & up

Gate Information

Gate opens at 6pm.  $25 gate fee (spectators age 12 & up; all riders).  No camping fee.

Gate open all day.  $20 gate fee (spectators age 12 & up; all riders). No camping fee.
Leaving after Open Riding?  KEEP YOUR WRISTBANDS ON!  Stop at the gate on your way out and get a refund – by 7pm: $10
Gate fee changes to $15 at 5:00pm.


Gate open all day.  $15 gate fee (spectators age 12 & up; all riders).

XR Championship Race

The halftime XR Championship races are part of the rich tradition of the Grass Race, with two classes for these ultimate old school mini racers:  Twin Shock and Single Shock.
The race moved to the Grass Track a few years ago for better viewing, but the consensus is it’s too fast and rough for the old bikes.  So they’ll be moving back to the 50 track this year.

Rules & Info:
Bike must be an XR or CRF 75 or 80 with correct frame and motor; engine modifications are allowed.
Must have minibike (no supermini) wheels.  Due to limited selection of 16″ front tires, 17″ tires are allowed.
Racers must be at least 18 years old.
XR practice will be the last practice in the morning; 1 moto for each class (and qualifiers if needed) will be at intermission.

More Information and Links

Gate fee includes camping.  No RV hookups available.  Pets must be on a leash.  Must be 16 to use a pit vehicle.

Click for more facility info and rules.

After the event, you can find results under the “For Racers” tab on our home page.

RedBud Physical Address:

13638 Redbud Trail North, Buchanan, MI 49107
Phone: 269-695-6405