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VIP Tickets, Reserved Grandstands and Racer X all-day pit passes will be available soon.  Please check back at the end of January for an update.

 Ticket Information.

General Admission tickets are always available at the event gate! For your convenience, they’re also available online in advance. You’ll get an email confirmation and can print or download your tickets to your phone.

Everyone age 6 and up must have a G.A. ticket.  (No charge, no ticket needed for ages 5 & under.)

Saturday is the only one-day ticket available, as Saturday is the featured event of the weekend, Round 7 of the Lucas Oil Motocross Championship!

Five Options

Tickets are priced by day of arrival. You pay ONE time, on the first day you arrive.

Choose Saturday-Only,
or Saturday and Sunday

  • Gate is open from 6am – 4pm
    • CLOSED 4pm – 7pm for exit traffic
    • REOPENS 7pm – midnight
    • $50 for ages 12 & up; $25 for ages 6-11
    • Ticket is good until midnight, or after the night races end
  • SATURDAY/SUNDAY WRISTBAND (required if you’re camping Saturday night)
    • $60 for ages 12 & up; $30 for ages 6-11
    • Wristband is good through Sunday

good through Sunday

  • Gate hours: 6pm – midnight.
  • Admission price is $95 for ages 12 & up; $45 for ages 6-11.
  • There are no Wednesday-only tickets available.
  • If you’re coming in to claim a camp site and drop off a trailer, you’ll have to buy a Wednesday wristband.

good through Sunday

  • Gate hours: 6am – midnight.
  • Admission price is $85 for ages 12 & up; $40 for ages 6-11.
  • There are no Thursday-only tickets available.

good through Sunday

  • Gate hours: 6am – midnight.
  • Admission price is $75 for ages 12 & up; $35 for ages 6-11.
  • You’ll receive a wristband that’s good through Sunday.
  • There are no Friday-only tickets available.


Add-On Items

The following items are upgrades to a General Admission ticket. These are optional and are not required to watch any of the races.
You must purchase a General Admission ticket in order to use any of the add-on items!


There are two types available:

1. A Racer X All-Day Pit Pass is good from 8:30am until 6pm and includes a one-year subscription to the magazine. Limited quantities available. Print your ticket, walk through Gate 4 and bring your ticket to the Racer X booth to get your pit pass. Also available at the event at the Racer X display booth.  RACER X PIT PASSES WILL BE AVAILABLE ONLINE SOON!

2. An Early Entry Pit Pass is $15 and is good from 9am until noon Saturday. Limited quantities available; purchase now online or at the track. Print advance ticket and bring it to, or purchase one at the night track vending area Friday from 7pm – 9pm, or Saturday morning near the Gate 9 entrance to the pro pits starting at 7am.


VIP options will be posted and tickets available online ASAP.  You need a General Admission ticket in order to use the VIP passes, so feel free to take advantage of the holiday discounts and pick up the VIP passes later.


Reserved seating is available in the large set of grandstands along the Monza Wall, in the center of the track infield. Your grandstand seat is reserved all day.  Check out vendors and displays, the pro pits, other sections of the track and your seat will be waiting when you return.

Top row (Row 15) seats sell out well in advance. It’s no wonder! They’re the absolute best seat in the house; price is $50.  Only people who purchase Row 15 seats can purchase Row 14.  More information will be posted ASAP.

Seats in the remaining rows (2-13) are $5 each for ages 6 & up; no charge for 5 & under.

All seats are available now online. Remaining seats can be purchased at the entrance to the grandstands on Saturday morning, starting at 7am. The front row (Row 1) is reserved for handicapped fans and their guests (no charge).