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Parking and Camping

Parking and Camping

Note: Camping and Parking is per VEHICLE.  Each person (except kids under 6) will also need a General Admission ticket. See TICKET PAGE for details.

A one-time parking fee is collected as you drive through the gate entrance.

General Admission Camping can always be purchased at the event, and is offered online in advance for your convenience.  You choose the lot and as long as it has spaces available, and we’ll park you in the next open spot.

Reserved Camping can be purchased at the track (depending on availability), or online in advance.  If you want a particular Reserved Camping area, you might want to consider purchasing online to guarantee your selection.

See below for more details.


(vehicles here for Saturday-only, or leaving the track each night)

One-time parking fee of $10 when you arrive. You’ll receive a windshield sticker for re-entry, good through Sunday.

No parking charge for street bikes.

Trackside Parking (Saturday only)

This is an optional upgrade. Trackside parking is available for cars/trucks/vans only (no RVs or trailers) on Saturday morning. Parking fee at the gate is $10; additional Trackside parking fee is $30. Enter at Gate 1 (for the valley/south side of the track) or Gate 3 (for LaRocco’s Leap area). Gates 1 and 3 open at 7am Saturday. All vehicles must exit through the gate they came in by 7pm.

GATE 3 TRACKSIDE PARKING: HEIGHT RESTRICTION FOR VEHICLES PARKED IN FRONT OF THE CAMPERS. Tall vehicles will be parked against the fence along the road.

A 10′ minimum walkway is marked along the track fence; you can park behind the bannered off walkway as space permits. You might not be parked right in front of the the track, but your car will be close. You can also set up EZ Ups, etc., behind the bannered off walkway. This is a nice option if you have a lot of supplies in the car that you’d like to keep close.

All areas outside the track are open to all spectators. Fans are free to use the walkway and set up a canopy whether parked in the area or not.


Every vehicle will get one of the following stickers or hang tags, depending on your choice of area:

Lot A (includes Lots A1, A2, A3, A4); or Lot B.  Click for  CAMPING LAYOUT MAP  or  FACILITY MAP

Who camps in Lot A?  About 2/3 of the campers choose Lot A, including all amateur racers, families with (and without) kids, any group that includes someone under age 18.

Who camps in Lot B?  People age 18 & up without a race bike who want more of a party atmosphere.

Extra Cars and Tents in Camp Sites

You can buy one Extra Car pass per camp site.  It must be purchased along with the camping pass.  If the camper arrives first, buy the Extra Car pass and meet the car at the gate when it arrives.
You can have up to 3 tents in a Lot A camp site; up to 2 tents in a Lot B camp site.

Camping Rules and Info for all lots:

Every camping space is 20′ wide.  Length varies.  Since there are no race trailers, spaces in Lot B are shorter than Lot A.
Parking staff will direct you to the lot of your choice (based on availability), in the next space in a row.
NO GLASS CONTAINERS!  Plan accordingly – we don’t want to take your bottles away! Be prepared for a security search.
PETS – are only allowed in Lot A. They must stay at your camp site. You must have an air conditioned camper to bring a pet. Do not walk your pet to the race tracks!
Small campfires are permitted (Please keep to 2′ diameter.) NO PALLETS.
No cruising in camping lots.  That includes street bikes.
No pit bikes, golf carts, side by sides, quads, etc. for the duration of the event, Wednesday through Sunday.
No saving spots, with one exception: If you arrive on Wednesday or Thursday and are willing to buy an extra camping sticker and take 2 spaces at the far end of the lots, you can save a spot for someone until Friday morning. Once it gets busy and the spaces around you start filling, we have to give the spot away starting on Friday.

Specific to Lot B:
No race bikes.
ID will be checked.  If anyone in the vehicle is under 18, the vehicle must camp in Lot A.


Arriving Wednesday, Thursday or Friday

See Camping Map for layouts and Reserved Camping options

  • Gate closes nightly at midnight.
  • One time camping fee; camping pass is good through Sunday.
  • Your choice of available lots when you arrive (A1, A2, A4 and B).
  • $90 for a full size camp site (20′ x up to 80′, depending on availability).
  • $65 for a small size camp site (20′ x 30′, 20′ x 35′ or 20′ x 40′, depending on availability).
  • $30 for a camp site extra car pass (limit 1 per site).
    • Must be purchased along with the camping pass.
    • Cars coming in without a camping vehicle cannot purchase a campsite parking pass.
    • If the extra car is arriving before the camper, you can buy the camping pass AND extra car pass when you get here; bring the camping sticker to the gate and meet the camper when it arrives.

Saturday Night Only

See Camping Map for layouts and Reserved Camping options

  • Gate open 6am – 4pm
    • Closed 4pm – 7pm for exit traffic
    • Re-opens 7pm – midnight
  • $65 for a full size camp site (20′ x up to 80′, depending on availability)
  • $45 for a small size camp site (20′ x 30′, 20′ x 35′ or 20′ x 40′, depending on availability)
  • Extra car in camp site – $30 (limit 1 per camp site)
    • Must be purchased along with the camping pass
    • Cars coming in without the camping vehicle cannot purchase a campsite parking pass


You can reserve a spot in lot A1, A3 or B in advance.  Pricing is from $125 to $250; see Camping Map

While some reserved areas sell out in advance, others may still be available when you arrive.  Ask at the gate if you’re interested.  If you’ve purchased General Admission Camping online, you can upgrade at the gate for the difference in price.

See Camping Map for lot layouts and Reserved Camping options