• 13638 Red Bud Trl North Buchanan, MI 49107
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Parking and Camping

Parking and Camping

All camping vehicles must use Gate C (East Entrance) on Red Bud Trail.  There is no access to the camping lots from Gate D (Main Street).
Please note daily gate hours and plan your arrival accordingly.

Wednesday 6pm – 12am
Thursday     7am – 12am
Friday           6am – 12am
Saturday      6am – 4pm; 7pm – 12am
Sunday         6am

Saturday       7am – 4pm
Gate D is for Saturday-only spectators and gives you a route that avoids the camping and amateur race traffic at Gate C.

Looking for an RV to rent?  Krenek’s will deliver to the track and have it set up when you get here!
Email:   [email protected]
Website: www.krenekrv.com
Phone: 1-800-543-8267


Tickets and Camping are available now online.
Descriptions and prices are listed on the ticket site; additional information below.

Daily Parking

Parking is available until midnight each day (or until after the night races end Friday and Saturday).  Parking fee at the track is $10/day (Thursday through Sunday).  Driving to the track each day?  Save $5-$15 if you buy an all-event parking pass the first day you come in for $25.

Street bike parking is available from both entrances at no charge.

Trackside Parking (Saturday only)

This is an optional upgrade. Please check back for more information.


See MAPS if you’re not familiar with camping lot choices.

Camping Lots

One RV or camping vehicle is allowed in any camping space.  One large or 2 small tents maximum in any camping space.  8 people maximum in any camping space.
New this year: Purchase the lot you want in advance.  Advance sales will end when the gates open on Wednesday, July 3rd.  At that point you can buy camping upon arrival, in any lot with space available.

All campsites are a minimum 20′ wide and vary in depth, up to 80′.  Some lots have “shorter” rows; in these areas we offer smaller size sites at a lower price.  These are good for a truck & trailer, van & trailer, small RV, etc.

“A” Camping Lots:
Lot A1| $160 full size, $100 small size | Closest to the pro track.  Convenient for making quick trips from the RV to the track and back.
Lot A2| $125 full size, $  80 small size | Located between the Gate C main entrance and the night track.  Popular with families.
Lot A3| $160 full size, $100 small size | Located between the night track and pro track.  Convenient for amateur racers riding both tracks.
Lot A4| $100 full size, $  70 small size | Located north of the night track.  This is the largest lot on the property with all large camping spaces.
Lot A4 SATURDAY NIGHT ONLY | $70 full size, $50 small size.


“B” Camping Lot:
Lot B | $125 | Located north of Lot A4.  Adults (age 18+) only.  No race bikes.  Spaces are not as deep since there are no race trailers.  Most spaces are 50′ deep; a few are 60′ deep.
Lot B camping is available until 4pm Saturday (space permitting).  When the gates reopen at 7pm, Lot B will not be available for purchase.

Extra Cars and Tents in Camp Sites

You can buy one Extra Car pass per camp site.  It must be purchased along with the camping pass, either online, or when you purchase camping at the event.
If the RV arrives first, buy the Extra Car pass and meet the car at the gate when it arrives.
You can have one large or 2 small tents in any campsite.  Maximum of 8 people per camp site.
If the “Extra Car” is a street bike, there’s no charge for parking it in the camp site.

Camping Rules and Info for all lots:

New this year: FIRE RINGS REQUIRED for campfires.
If you bring them, security will place them in a secured impound area until you leave. This includes golf carts, side by sides, quads, minibikes, etc. for the duration of the event, Wednesday through Sunday.
NO MARIJUANA. Although recreational use is now legal in Michigan, our policy has not changed. No marijuana allowed on site, with our without a prescription.  If found upon search, you’ll have the option of removing it from the property or surrendering it to the Berrien County Sheriff’s Department.
NO GLASS CONTAINERS.  Plan accordingly – we don’t want to take your bottles away! Be prepared for a security search.
NO FIREWORKS.  No worries – we’ll have a good show for you!
NO PETS AT THE TRACKS. Pets are only allowed in Lots A1-A4, in air conditioned campers. Pets must stay at your camp site. Do not walk your pet to the race tracks!
No cruising in camping lots.  That includes race bikes, street bikes and any other street legal vehicles.

Campers are parked in a designated direction in each lot (North-South or East-West).  All campers must park in line; no forming circles or squares.
Roads (a.k.a. Fire Lanes) must be kept clear.
If you want to save a spot for a friend, bring their camping pass with you and meet them at the gate with the pass when they arrive.  You can save ONE space next to you until Friday at noon; no spaces can be held after noon.
All campers must comply with requests, rules and instructions from RedBud staff, security and police.

Specific to Lot B:
No race bikes.
ID will be checked.  If anyone in the vehicle is under 18, the vehicle must camp in Lot A.
All vehicles subject to search.
No pets in Lot B.