Motocross of Nations



Pit passes are available at the track area

Tickets are no longer available online.  Cash and credit cards accepted at the gate, but please bring cash for parking to keep the lines moving!

  • Weekend Ticket:  $175 Adult / $80 Junior (8-11)
  • Sunday  Ticket:    $120 Adult / $55 Junior (8-11)

Weekend price applies Thursday, Friday and Saturday; a weekend ticket is good for the entire event.
There is no Saturday-only ticket.


The track area will open to pedestrians Saturday and Sunday at 7:45am.
The following vehicle entrances open at 6:00am:

NORTH GATE  Saturday and Sunday | 6am – 4pm | NO RVs
WEST GATE –  Saturday and Sunday | 6am – 4pm

VIP Passholders, HANDICAP* Parking, STREET BIKE Parking
Saturday | 6am – 5pm – Closed for exit traffic 5pm – 7pm – Reopens 7pm – 11pm | Sunday 6am – 4pm
WEST GATE – Saturday and Sunday | 6am – 4pm

South Gate Only!
Saturday 6am – 5pm; 7pm – 11pm (closed 5-7pm for exit traffic)

* Handicap parking is available at the South and West gates, but there are more options at the South gate.


  • There is no overnight parking; all cars must exit before midnight, or the posted closing time nightly.
  • Friday only / $15,  Friday – Sunday Parking Sticker ($75)
  • Saturday-Sunday Parking Sticker / $60
  • Sunday only / $30
  • Carpool if you can.
  • U.S. cash ONLY for parking.  Exact change gets you parked and to the track faster!
    • Don’t back up the line!
    • Parking is not available online; scanners and credit cards slow the line down.
    • Some neighbors will also offer parking, and can accept U.S. cash only.
  • Street Bikes: no charge, no pass needed!  Use the South or West gate.


Dedicated shuttle carts will run daily from camping lots and handicap parking lots to the track entrances.
Camping?  Show your handicap placard to parking staff and they’ll place you in an easy-to-find spot for the shuttles.
Parking?  Show your placard to get parked in a Handicap lot, available from any track entrance.

We cannot accommodate golf carts or pit vehicles for personal transportation.  Of course ADA battery-driven mobility devices are welcome.

Need more information?  Give us a call at 269-695-6405.


Paddock passes will be available at the track.  Paddock access hours are 8am – 7pm Saturday and Sunday for pass holders.

Where and when to buy them:

Friday     / 12pm – 5pm / at the Gate 4 ticketing area
Saturday / 7am – 5pm / through the track entrance, next to the Monster Arch – Paddock Entrance
Sunday    / 7am – 1pm / through the track entrance, next to the Monster Arch – Paddock Entrance


Motocross of Nations!  This will only be the 5th time in it’s 75-year history that it happens on American soil, so a lot of U.S. fans may not totally understand it.  Here’s the format:

Approximately 38 teams will compete this year.  Each team will have a 3-rider team:  MXGP (450cc), MX2 (250cc) and OPEN (choice of bikes).
Saturday is qualifying, where teams not only earn a place in the final races, but also earn their gate picks for every final moto on Sunday.  The first place qualifying team gets gate picks 1 and 21 for the final motos Sunday, second place qualifying team gets gate picks 2 and 22, and so on.

Saturday Race 1:  the MXGP (450) class- one rider from each country.
Saturday Race 2: the MX2 (250) class – one rider from each country.
Saturday Race 3: the OPEN class – one rider from each country.

Each country’s three motos are tallied, three First place finishes = 3 points, etc.  The top 19 countries advance.  That leaves one spot to be filled Sunday morning in the “B Final”, a last chance qualifier.

Sunday Final Moto 1: MXGP and MX2 – each country’s 450 and 250 rider competes.
Sunday Final Moto 2: MX2 and OPEN – each country’s 250 and OPEN rider competes.
Sunday Final Moto 3: MXGP and OPEN – each country’s 450 and OPEN rider competes.

Tally the results using 1 point for first, 2 for second, etc., and throw out each team’s worst of six finishes, and the lowest point team wins!  With the throwaway finish, you never know who’s going to win until the last laps of the final race.

Schedule of Official Events

4:00 pm – Introduction of all the nations’ teams at the starting line.

7:00 pm – Pit Bike of Nations practice.


  • 10:00 am – MXGP Practice (40 minutes, plus 5 minutes start practice)
  • 11:00 am – MX2 Practice (40 minutes, plus 5 minutes start practice)
  • 12:00 pm – OPEN Practice (40 minutes, plus 5 minutes start practice)
  •   2:20 pm – sight lap for MXGP Qualifier (20 minutes + 2 laps)
  •   2:30 pm – MXGP Qualifier
  •   3:20 pm – sight lap for MX2 Qualifier
  •   3:30 pm – MX2 Qualifier
  •   4:20 pm – sight lap for OPEN Qualifier
  •   4:30 pm – OPEN Qualifier


Thor Pit Bike of Nations

  •  6:30 pm – Team Introductions at the Thor rig (on the pro track midway)
  •  7:45  pm – Teams parade to the night track
  •  8:00 pm – Opening ceremonies


  •   8:45 am – B Final Practice
  •   9:15 am – Practice for teams who qualified in odd number positions (1st , 3rd, 5th, etc.)
  •   9:40 am – Practice for teams who qualified in even number positions (2nd – 4th – 6th, etc.)
  • 10:50 am – sight lap followed by B Final
  •   1:00 pm – sight lap followed by MXGP & MX2 moto
  •   2:30 pm – sight lap followed by MX2 & OPEN moto
  •   4:00 pm – sight lap followed by MXGP & OPEN moto
  • Podium presentations following the last race


FOOD AND DRINKS are available at the pro track and night track from a variety of food vendors. You can also bring your own food and drinks, just no glass.

BICYCLES are welcome everywhere accept the pro track area Saturday (inside the numbered gates) and the night track vending area/midway.  There’s no designated bicycle parking, and no racks to lock your bike.

CAMP FIRES: If you bring a fire ring, small camp fires are permitted in your camping area.

BEER STANDS are located at the pro track.  Beer can be purchased and consumed there, but may not be taken in or out of any numbered gates or pedestrian track entrances.  Minimum age 21 to purchase and consume alcohol; must show valid government photo ID.

BYO IN THE CAMPING LOTS:  You can BYO beer/alcohol to the camping areas; no glass. 

NO PIT BIKES or PERSONAL VEHICLES!  Don’t bring them this weekend.  If you bring one, you’ll be asked to remove it from the property.  This includes golf carts, scooters, ATVs, side-by-sides, etc. No Stacycs.  Licensed motorcycles cannot be used as a pit vehicle.  We offer golf cart shuttles for handicap transportation from camping and parking lots to the track area entrance.


NO BEER/ALCOHOL AT THE PRO TRACK:  You cannot bring alcohol into or out of the pro track or pro pit area. That is, no alcohol through the numbered/pedestrian track entrances. Coolers, backpacks, etc. are subject to search at the gates.

MARIJUANA: It’s legal in Michigan now, but not at RedBud.  We don’t want to confiscate your weed; please don’t bring it!

NO FIREARMS or WEAPONS.  You will be asked to remove firearms; security will confiscate and tag weapons or prohibited items.



PETS: Allowed in your own campsite, and must remain at your campsite.  This includes Companion and Emotional Support animals.  The only place they’re allowed is in your camp site.   For the safety and comfort of all fans, we reserve the right to refuse entry or ask you to remove unfriendly or uncontrolled pets.  Not that we’ve seen any of those in a long time!

GENERATORS: There’s no time restriction for quiet generators.  If you have one that sounds like a race bike, it must shut down by 11pm.  All camp sites are at least 20′ wide; place generator within your campsite, away from your neighbors.


VIP ACCESS – 3 levels to choose from

  • Diamond VIP
  • Platinum VIP
  • Silver VIP

CLICK for VIP Package Descriptions




NOTE: ABSOLUTELY NO PIT VEHICLES AT THIS EVENT!  You don’t need your race trailers.  If we see a pit vehicle, you’ll need to remove it from the property.  Sorry, there are no exceptions.

Camping configuration: You can have 1 camping vehicle, 1 extra car and 1 tent per space – or – 2 passenger vehicles and 2 tents.  Maximum 8 people per camping space.

NOTE: CAMPING IS LAID OUT DIFFERENTLY THAN IN JULY!  With no amateur racing/no race trailers, the spaces don’t need to be as long.  Make sure you’re aware of the max. length in your lot.

Max vehicle length for each lot:
Lot Zero = 45′ -50′ / most are 50′
Lot 1 = 50′ – 65′ / most are 60′
Lot 1 Extension = 65′ – 70′
Lot 2 = 60′ / a handful are 50′
Lot 3 = 50′ – 60′ / most are 60′
Lot 4 = 60′
Lot 5 = 55′

If you bought a camping pass and forgot to add a pass for an extra car to park in your site, email [email protected] and we can add it for you.  There’s no charge.  Limit of 1 extra car in each camp site.

If you have more than one extra vehicle, you can drop one at the Berrien County Youth Fairgrounds for $20/day parking – cash only, please.  Bussing is not available for car drop-offs; please plan your transportation to the track.

Off-Site Camping is also available now

It’s 6 miles from the track and includes 30 or 5o amp electric, showers, shared water stations near each site, and a dump station.  Or you can choose van/tent camping with access to showers, restrooms and WiFi.  RV sites include bus passes for 4 people; van/tent sites includes bus passes for 2.  Extras can be purchased if needed.

Shuttle Bus Schedule:

Friday 12pm – 1:30 pm  / 7pm – 11pm (last bus leaves the track at 10:30pm)
Saturday 6am – 4pm / 6pm – 12am (last bus leaves the track at 11:30pm)
Sunday   6am – 4pm / 6pm – 11pm (last bus leaves the track at 10:30pm)


The following link lists all nearby hotels in Indiana that have provided a guaranteed rate for MXoN weekend.  You can change the dates as needed.
RedBud is just slightly closer to these hotels than others you can search in Stevensville, St. Joseph and Benton Harbor, MI, mostly along Interstate 94, than don’t have guaranteed rates.  (We’ve been told hotels in Niles, MI are full, but you can check!)