Minor Racer Info

Important Information for Racers under Age 18


The process is very convenient, but it is not approved by all insurance carriers.  Each track must follow the policies and use the releases of their insurance carrier.  Ours will not accept the AMA release.  You should check with each track you go to!

For ALL RedBud events, including races, extra practice days and Open Riding days:

Riders under 18 must bring a parent or LEGAL guardian to registration. Aunts, uncles, older siblings, etc. are usually not LEGAL guardians. If your name differs from the racer’s name, be prepared to show proof that you are a LEGAL GUARDIAN.

Is there a way to ride if your parent cannot attend?  YES!  Your parent must send you with a NOTARIZED consent form that authorizes another adult to be your legal guardian for the event day(s).

The letter needs to include:

Parent or Legal Guardian’s name and signature.
Minor participant’s name.
Name of temporary Legal Guardian (must be age 18 or over)
Date(s) for the temporary guardianship.

WE CANNOT ACCEPT:  a letter that’s not notarized; a fax; an email; a phone call.  THIS IS AN INSURANCE REQUIREMENT AND WE TAKE IT SERIOUSLY!  Make sure you bring exactly what’s required so you can ride!

Here’s a sample guardian assignment letter.  TIP: Get TWO notarized while you’re at it!  The guardian should keep one in case it’s needed for emergency medical consent.

I am the PARENT (LEGAL GUARDIAN) of RACER’s NAME.  I give RACER’s NAME  permission to ride motocross at RedBud MX in Buchanan, Michigan. I assign TEMPORARY GUARDIAN’S NAME as RACER NAME‘s temporary legal guardian on RIDING DATES, with authorization to read and sign registration and liability forms required as RACER NAME‘slegal guardian.  In addition, I authorize TEMPORARY GUARDIAN’S NAME to give emergency medical consent for the treatment of RACER NAME  if needed.

We can use the same notarized consent form for an entire race weekend as long as the dates are correct on the form.


Memberships Required

AMA membership is required for all AMA sanctioned events.  That includes all of our race dates except the VetFest and Grass Race.
Registration is a busy place; join online now and save time in line! You can renew AMA memberships before they expire. The new expiration date will be one year from your current exp. date.  Print your receipt and bring to registration in case you don’t get your card in time.

Note: AMA offers a Youth membership ($29) for racers under age 11, and a Family membership ($98) for multiple racers who live in the same household.  These are only available at the track.

District 14 membership is required for all Michigan riders, and for riders outside of Michigan who don’t belong to another district.  Bring your district card to show at registration.

D14 memberships are also available at the track; $15 for an annual membership. You can download the form here and save a little time at registration: District 14 membership form.