May 25-26, 2019
South Central Amateur Regional Qualifier at Farm 14, Centreville, Mississippi


1/25/19: This information is TENTATIVE.  Please check back for updates.

Gate Hours and Prices

4pm – 12am

6am – 12am

6am – 10pm


Gate fee for all racers, and for spectators age 12 & up:

Ages 12 & up/Ages 6-11
$15Camping fee, per camping vehicle;
(1-time charge, not per day)
$40/$20Thursday (through Sunday)
$35/$20Friday (through Sunday)
$15/ $5Sunday only



1/25/19: This information is TENTATIVE.  Please check back for updates.

Registration/Race Info

EVENT IS NOT OPEN TO ALL RIDERS!  You must have qualified, or attempted to qualify, through a 2019 South Central Area Qualifier in order to enter this event.  No exceptions.

Alternates should register and practice!  Alternates will be placed at 8:00 Saturday morning when registration is closed; race and transponder fees will be refunded if you don’t get to race.  We will call alternates to registration class by class as they are placed. Alternates are placed according to the performance value set by MX Sports.  The more racers you beat at your best Area Qualifier, the higher your performance value.

Race order will be finalized Friday after registration closes.  Printouts will be available at registration; an announcement will be made when they’re ready.

Mandatory transponder scoring.  Rentals available at the track.  Make sure you get your transponder BEFORE you get in line for registration.  Please check back for details.

ThursdaySignup7pm - 9pm
9am - 6pm
7am - 8am for new registrations.
Immediately following practice (approx. 9:30am)
Immediately following practice (approx. 9:00am)

AMA membership is required for all racers.
  Save time at the track and join AMA online!  You can join at the track if needed.  Full membership is $49 (or $29 for ages 11 & under).
The following discounted full memberships are available at the track but NOT online: Youth racer membership (age 11 and under) – $29.  Family membership (for racers who live at the same address) – $98.  Please note you cannot race with an Associate Membership.

Friday Practice (optional)$30 per groupMinimum three rotations per group.
Only qualified racers and alternates may participate.
Racing$50 per classEach class races 3 motos. Some will have 2 motos Saturday and 1 Sunday; some will have 1 moto Saturday and 2 Sunday, depending on where the class falls in the race order.
Transponders (mandatory)$40 rental fee, + security deposit
Pit vehicles.No charge.Use responsibly or lose the privilege! Must be age 16 or older to use. Age limit strictly enforced!



More Information and Links

No RV hookups available.  Potable water is available in the pits, after you pull into the gate.  We advise coming in with tanks full as only 2 rigs can fill at a time.  Pets must be on a leash.  Minimum age 16 to use a pit vehicle.

Amateur Regional Event Classes
Supplemental Rules for the Loretta Lynn program.

After the event, you can find Results under Amateur MX on our home page, and at the MX Sports web site under Results.