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Fan Guide

What is the Red Bull RedBud National Motocross Event?

It’s a full weekend of motocross racing, with the feature event on Saturday, July 6: Round 7 of the Lucas Oil Motocross Championship  If you’re coming for the main event, you only need a Saturday ticket! Saturday tickets are valid until midnight. Stick around and watch some amateur night racing, and the fireworks at 10:30, all for $45.

Come for the day, Saturday, July 6, and see the best motocross racers in the world!  One day not enough?  Join the RedBud holiday festival and make a weekend of it!  Multi-day tickets and camping are available at the gate, or online in advance.  Ticket Info

Seating Options

Facility Map

1. Grassy infield of the race track. Sit in the grass, or bring a lawn chair or blanket. You can choose the north side or south side and see half the track, or stand near the center and walk back and forth. No canopies on the infield, please.

2. Spectator area on the south side of the track, in the trees on a hillside where you can see from the ski jump to the approach to the Lauchpad jump. Sit in the grass, on a blanket or bring a lawn chair. No canopies; this is a shaded area.

3. Free bleachers on the infield, near the ski jump. These are not reserved so you must hold your spot or lose it. View from ski jump to Monza Wall.

4. Reserved grandstands on the infield, at the Monza Wall next to announcers tower. Seats are $10 for adults/$5 for ages 6-11/no charge under 6. Your seat is reserved, so you’re free to roam around and still have a seat to return to. View from Ski jump to bottom of the Monza Wall. Top row is sold out in advance.

5. ** The free bleachers next to LaRocco’s Leap were destroyed in the 6/20/16 storm. We’re trying to find rentals!
View of most of the north section of the track, from the Launchpad (flag) jump to the finish line jump. These are not reserved so you must hold your spot or lose it.

6. Anywhere outside the track not already listed above. You can walk around the outside of the track fence and choose a place to stand and watch. Canopies are allowed in most areas not specifically mentioned above.

7. Handicap viewing is officially located at the first row of the grandstands, where you and a guest may enter at no charge. Grandstands are on a large concrete pad, easy for wheelchairs to access. Handicap restroom located at the grandstands as well. We do see lots of folks who choose to watch from other areas, but keep the grandstands in mind if it’s your first trip to RedBud. It’s a good place to start.

Pit passes are available if you’d like to see the riders up close.

Vital Weekend Facts

NO PETS! If you’re coming for the pro race on Saturday, you cannot bring a pet. The only place pets are allowed is in camping Lot A, in air conditioned RVs. Pets may not leave the camp site.

NO GLASS CONTAINERS! You’re welcome to bring a cooler stocked with plastic bottles and/or canned drinks.

Food and drinks are available at the track from a variety of food vendors.

Handicap Access. It’s best to enter through Gate C on Redbud Trail; you’ll park near Gate 4 which is close to the midway and entrance to the infield. If entering through Gate D on Main Street, you’ll park in the first row, which is approximately 50 yards west of Gate 5. It’s a longer trek to the midway and infield. See item #7 under Seating Options. Handicap accessible restrooms are located at Gate 4 and at the grandstands near the announcers tower and in the pro pits near Gate 9.

Making A Full Weekend Of It

Our gates open on Wednesday at 6pm, as many folks choose to spend the entire holiday weekend at the track.

Thursday is Media Day, where selected pro teams get to ride the track for the local and national media. The specific teams will be announced at a later date. This is the first peek at pro riders on the track and a great chance to watch any track sections you’d like up close.

Amateur riders practice on the pro track Thursday and race on it Friday. Then we move to the night track for some amateur racing under the lights Friday and Saturday nights. Amateurs get to race the full pro course on Sunday, with all the pro sections included. This is a once-a-year event for amateur racers.

In addition to the racing, we have fireworks Saturday night around 10:30pm. Even if you only buy a Saturday ticket, you’re welcome to stay and watch some night racing after the pro event, and stay for the fireworks show. Your ticket is good until midnight.

There are plenty of hotels in the surrounding areas, or you might choose to camp right here at the track.