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Daily Events

Daily Schedule of Events – 2017


Arriving early Wednesday?

By police order (posted), please DO NOT park along the road by the track entrance.

Early staging is available in two locations.  VEHICLES IN THE STAGING AREAS WILL BE FIRST IN THE GATE, with a police escort to the track when gates open.  You park in line at the staging areas and arrive at the track in the same order.

If you’re coming from the south, use the staging area in Buchanan (opens at 8am).  Buchanan has a shuttle to downtown restaurants, grocery store, etc. all day Wednesday.
Here’s a MAP.  And directions:
A) US 12 to Red Bud Trail; turn north.  Go to 2nd traffic light and turn right.  Staging area is on the left in about 1/4 mile.
B) US 31 to Exit 7 (Walton Rd); turn east off ramp.  Staging area is about 2.5 miles on the right (after you cross the river).

If coming from the north, use the staging area in Berrien Springs (opens at 10am).  Berrien Springs is within walking distance to quite a few things, or you can make a stop before you park.
Here’s a MAP.  And directions:
I-94 to Exit 30 (Napier Ave.); turn east.  Go about 1.5 miles and get on US 31 South.  Take Exit 13 (Snow Rd.); turn left off ramp.  Just over a mile, turn left onto Shawnee Rd.  Fairgounds entrance is about 1.5 miles on the right.


Wednesday, July 4th

Gates open 6pm until midnight for campers. There are no events scheduled; this is just an early arrival day.

Early registration for amateur practice and races 8pm – 10pm.

Thursday, July 5th

Pro media day with pre-arranged pro teams and riders on the track intermittently from 1pm – 3pm.

Amateur practice/Open riding on the pro track beginning at 10am.

Gates open from 6am until midnight for campers, spectators and racers.

Friday, July 6th

There will be amateur racing. Please check back for the full schedule as we are waiting for confirmation on some extra Friday events.

Fireworks at 10:30pm.

Gates open from 6am until midnight for campers, spectators and racers.

Saturday, July 7th

Gates open 6am until 4pm for pro race spectators and campers. Gates closed from 4pm – 7pm for exit traffic; reopen 7pm until midnight.

(Times may be adjusted based on the live TV schedule – please check back for updates.)

 8:15am 250 Practice Group B
 8:35am 250 Practice Group A
 8:50am Track Maintenance
 9:00am 450 Practice Group A
 9:20am 450 Practice Group B
 9:35am Track Maintenance
 9:45am 250 Group B Start Practice
 9:50am 250 Practice Group B
10:05am 250 Group A Start Practice
10:10am 250 Practice Group A
10:30am Track Maintenance
10:40am 450 Group A Start Practice
10:45am 450 Practice Group A
11:00am 450 Group B Start Practice
11:05am 450 Practice Group B
11:20am Track Maintenance
11:35am 250 Last Chance Qualifier
11:50am 450 Last Chance Qualifier
12:05pm Intermission/Track Maintenance
12:35pm Opening Ceremonies
 1:00pm 250 Class Sight Lap
 1:10pm 250 Class Moto #1
 1:45pm Podium Interviews
 2:00pm 450 Class Sight Lap
 2:10pm 450 Class Moto #1
 2:45pm Podium Interviews
 3:00pm 250 Class Sight Lap
 3:10pm 250 Class Moto #2
 3:45pm 250 Class Winners Circle
 4:00pm 450 Class Sight Lap
 4:10pm 450 Class Moto #2
 4:45pm 450 Class Winners Circle

Amateur racing (all classes) on the night track; 1-moto format. Practice at 7pm; racing immediately following.

Fireworks at 10:30pm.

Sunday, July 8th

Amateur race (65cc and up) on the full pro course; 2-moto format. Practice at 8am; racing immediately following.