Alcohol Policy & More

Alcohol / Marijuana / Food & Drink / and a few more policies you should know


FOOD AND DRINKS are available at the pro track and night track from a variety of food vendors. You can also bring your own food and soft drinks, just no glass.

BEER/ALCOHOL: You can BYO to the camping lots and parking lots; no glass.  You cannot bring alcohol into or out of the pro track or pro pit area. That is, no alcohol through the numbered gates (Gate 1 through 12). Coolers, backpacks, etc. will be searched at the gates.

Beer stands are located at the pro track.  Beer can be purchased and consumed there and may not be taken out of any numbered gates.  Minimum age 21 to purchase and consume alcohol; must show valid government photo ID.

Why did the beer policy change?  We obtained a liquor license in September 2018 so beer could be sold at the pro track, which was a frequent request. We purposely licensed the pro track (inside the numbered gates) and NOT the parking or camping areas, so you can BYO there. You’re free to tailgate or make a beer run to your camper during intermission. You just can’t take alcohol in or out of the track gates.

MARIJUANA: Although recreational use is now legal in the state of Michigan, our policy has not changed.  No marijuana is permitted on the grounds, including for medical use.  If found upon search, you will have the option to remove it from the property yourself, or surrender it to the Berrien County Sheriff’s Department.


PETS:  Not allowed in track spectating areas; only allowed in “A” camping lots, in your campsite.  This includes Companion and Emotional Support animals.  The only place friendly pets, Companion and Emotional Support animals are allowed is in camping Lots A1, A2, A3 and A4, in air conditioned RVs. No pets in tent sites. No pets in camping Lot B.  Pets may not leave the camp site and must be tethered when outside the RV. For the safety and comfort of all fans, we reserve the right to refuse entry or ask you to remove unfriendly or uncontrolled pets!

GENERATORS: There’s no time restriction for quiet generators.  If you have one that sounds like a race bike, please shut it down by 11pm.  All camp sites are at least 20′ wide; place generator within your campsite, away from your neighbors.

NO PIT BIKES/PERSONAL VEHICLES, including golf carts, scooters, ATVs, etc. Bicycles may be used in the camping lots.