• 13638 Red Bud Trl North Buchanan, MI 49107
  • 269-695-6405

Amateur Races


Online Registration

Online registration link will be posted once registration opens.  Look for the ONLINE ENTRY window when you come to registration at the track.  You’ll just have to sign your entries and pick up practice stickers.
All riders must come to registration at the track.  If the rider is under 18, he or she must bring a parent or legal guardian to registration with them.

Transponder Scoring

Transponder scoring will be used for all amateur races.  Transponders will be available at the track.  Details TBA.

Wednesday – Early Registration

You can register for any and all events in one trip to signup, starting Wednesday from 8-10pm.
REFUND POLICY:  You can get a refund for all your entries in any event BEFORE THE FIRST PRACTICE STARTS FOR THAT EVENT.


Registration hours: 7am – 3pm, 6pm – 9pm
Open Practice for 65cc & up on the pro track. More info TBA.
NOTE: Riders entered in the National cannot ride any amateur events, per AMA Pro Racing rules.

Practice starts at 10am.  Three practice rotations with breaks as needed for pro media day activities. 65cc bikes and up.
No 50 Track Classes: 50cc, 65 Beginner, 85 Beginner, Wobbler, Trailblazer, etc. on Thursday.

Friday day race (pro track)

Registration hours: 7am (open all day)
More details TBA.

Note: Riders entered in the National cannot ride any amateur events prior to Saturday, per AMA Pro Racing rules.

No 50 Track Classes: 50cc, 65 Beginner, 85 Beginner, Wobbler, Trailblazer, etc. for the day race.

Follow signs and directions to the pre-staging area near pro track starting line. Bikes may be ridden slowly from the camping area to pre-staging. Rider must be in full race gear and may have one passenger. PLEASE EXIT THE TRACK SLOWLY AND PROCEED WITH CAUTION TO YOUR PIT AREA.

Friday night race (night track)

1-moto format on the night track.  More details TBA.

Saturday night race (night track)

1-moto format on the night track. More details TBA.

Practice starts at 7pm; racing immediately following.

Sunday race (full pro course)

Registration opens at 7am.
2-moto format on the pro track. Practice starts at 8am; racing immediately following. $40/class**, 65cc and up.

**250 A and Open A are AMA ProAm points classes, with ProAm payback. Signup fee $50/class.

No 50 Track Classes: 50cc, 65 Beginner, 85 Beginner, Wobbler, Trailblazer, etc.

This is the ONLY day of the year you get to ride the pro sections of the track!


Pets are allowed IF: 1) You have an air conditioned RV, 2) you keep them on a leash in your camp site, 3) you’re camping in Lot A.  Your pet cannot leave your camp site.

NO PIT BIKES THIS WEEKEND! Don’t load up the golf cart, buggy or trail bike. Sorry! We don’t have room for them this weekend.


Ticket gate accepts cash only. Race registration accepts cash, Visa and MasterCard.

Check Our Parking and Camping Map

At the track, you can register for all events in one trip to signup.  Make sure you get a transponder from eScore before coming to registration.

If you register online, look for the Pre-Entry, or Online Entry window.  We’ll have entry sheets ready for you to sign, you’ll pick up your practice stickers and be ready to ride!

You can add, change or delete classes after you’ve registered. You may receive a full refund for any class before the first practice session begins for that eventOnce practice starts for an event, there are no more refunds for that event.

Awards for each event must be picked up that day, after the race. At the end of the day, the event is over and we’re on to the next event.

Registration Hours

Wednesday 8pm-10pm
Thursday 7am-3pm; 7pm-9pm
Friday 7am until the night races are over
Saturday 5pm until the night races are over
Sunday 7am until the races are over


You should come in with water tanks full. Water is available in several locations, but may be a long reach for hoses, or too far for you to fill. An outside water fill service and sewer pump service will be on site and will charge a reasonable fee. Power washers must be used at your pit area; don’t connect power washers to our water supply as it makes a muddy mess in the pits and along the roads.

There are no showers on site; only porta potties and restroom trailers. No RV hookups available.

50 Track (“KTM Kids Track”) is not open this weekend due to its location. 50 Track classes (50cc, 65cc Beginner, 85cc Beginner, Wobblers, etc.) are part of the night racing programs Friday and Saturday nights, but not the pro track races on Friday and Sunday, or Thursday practice.

Memberships Required

No membership needed for Thursday practice. All racers must be AMA members for all races this weekend. Please purchase AMA in advance if possible! Registration is a busy place with a practice day and four races! Click the link below to join.

GLMX membership is required for Indiana, Michigan and Illinois riders. Available at the track; $20 annual or $5 weekend membership.

Transponder Scoring – Transponders Required for All Racers

eScore will be handling the transponder scoring , rentals and returns. Click for complete info from eScore.