MAY 18/19 MX



💥 BOTH PARENTS or LEGAL GUARDIANS must sign a waiver! It’s an insurance requirement that’s not going away.  Please figure out what method works best for you. 

Option 1: Register your racer online.
Enter both parent/guardian names and emails and the system will send each a waiver link (via text and/or email).
Each parent/guardian responds to the text or email (tap or click, enter info, print if you want a copy – and you’re done).

Option 2: Use this  SMARTWAIVER LINK
Fill in both parent/legal guardian names and emails.
Follow instructions and make sure each person responds to the confirmation email.
Tell us at Registration that you used SmartWaiver and we can quickly check the list.

Option 3: Both parents or legal guardians come to Registration at the track and fill out the Minor Waiver.

(With all three options, there’s a selection for “Sole Custody” if only one parent or guardian has legal custody. )


Both days this weekend are AMA and District 14 sanctioned.  Everyone needs an AMA card!  All riders are encouraged to join D14 and earn points; Michigan residents are required to join.

AMA membership required for all racers.

District 14 membership required for all Michigan racers.

Racing this weekend is for bikes only.

Over $60K total contingency $ available: $10K PER BRAND, PER DAY!

Click your brand logo below for the list of 31 classes paying Manufacturer Contingency!



Gates open at 6pm on Friday, May 17. Once it opens, it’s open all weekend, including overnights.

All racers, and all attendees over age 11 need a wristband.

Friday Wristbands | Good through Sunday | $35 until 6am Saturday

Saturday Wristbands | Good through Sunday | $30 until 4pm Saturday.
Price changes to $20 from 4pm Saturday until 6am Sunday.

Sunday Wristbands | $15


IMPORTANT! Our insurance requires BOTH parents or legal guardians to sign a waiver for every event. If you register online, each parent can complete a waiver from their phone or computer and you won’t have to sign anything at the track!

Signup/Check-in Hours:

FRIDAY     7pm – 9pm (weather permitting)
SAT/SUN  7am
* Early registration for signup will start toward the end of the race program Saturday; time will be announced.

Practice starts at 9am both mornings. You must register or check-in before practice.

Registration fee: $45 per class

Transponder rental fee: $10 per day.
Get your transponder first. Bring it to the signup window so we can enter the number.
(Your credit card payment is also your security deposit.)

Here’s a link to the District 14 MX class list.  In addition, we run the following non-points beginner classes:

On the 50 Track:
* 50cc 4-8 Wobbler (Beginner)
* 50cc 4-8 Open Non-Points
* 65cc 7-11 Beginner
* 85cc 9-15 Beginner
* Trailblazer 9-15, Small 4-stroke trail bikes

On the Big Track:
* Open D

Note: 50 Jr. 4-6, 50 Sr. 4-8 and 50 Open 4-8 race on the big track.  

  Registration opens Tuesday, April 9.  Note we can refund class fees (or save them for another event)  if you can’t make it, but credit card and system fees are not refundable.  Don’t sign up until you’re sure!

Why sign up online?

1. Save time and potential errors. You choose your class(es), enter your number and all of your info. It’s much faster than our staff entering info for every rider while you wait in line.
2. No need for both parents to come to Registration to sign waivers. You can complete waivers online from home, then one parent can quickly check their rider in at the window and pick up a practice sticker.

MAKE SURE YOUR MEMBERSHIPS ARE CURRENT!  Don’t wait until you’re in line at Registration.

   Required for all racers.

JOIN OR RENEW D14 NOW!  Required for Michigan residents.


We use transponder scoring on the big track for all events.  Rental fee is $10 per DAY (not per class).  

Pick up your transponder first  at the MMXT Transponder Trailer (behind Registration).  We’ll need to enter the number when you check in.

Have your own transponder? Make sure it’s working, charged, has a current subscription, and bring the number to Registration.  (If it happens not to function in your first moto, you’ll need to rent one before your next moto.)