VetFest (Friday/Saturday) / ATV State Championship (Sunday)


NOTE:  Do not reserve a transponder if you have your own.  Bring your transponder (or the number) to registration.


It’s a laid back, throwback event for racers age 18 to 99 on 2 wheels.  It includes Friday practice and Saturday racing.  There are “A”, “B” and Novice divisions through age 45, plus classes for ages 50 to 70.  We see lots of “used-to-race” and “once-a-year” racers at this event.  For that reason, it’s not AMA or D14 sanctioned, but we follow the same rules and procedures as all other events.  If you’re a C rider, you can’t race a B class, etc.  Note: there are no youth classes or activities for this event.

Here’s a link to the 2022 VetFest classes and results to give you an idea what the weekend looks like.  Don’t miss the Friday night steak dinner at the pavilion!  Get tickets at the concession stand before noon on Friday.

VetFest Gate Info

Prices are per person.  No camping fees.

Gate opens Thursday at 6pm and will be open all weekend, including overnights.  You’re welcome to spend the night Saturday.  
No charge for kids under age 12.  Please note there are no activities scheduled for kids this weekend; the 50 track will not be open.

Gate prices reset daily at 6am.  That is, the Thursday gate fee is in effect until 6am Friday, etc.

Price Takes effect at Ticket good through
$40 6pm Thursday Sunday
$30 6am Friday Sunday
$15 6am Saturday Sunday

VetFest Registration Info

PLEASE REGISTER ONLINE HERE!  This will help us set up more even practice groups for Friday, and get a start on the race order for Saturday.

Friday practice:  $35 for first group, $25 for second group.

Saturday race: $50 for “A” classes, $45 for all others.  $25 Warrior class; bring Military ID to registration.

*New >>> $5 per racer  transponder fee – pay online or at Laptimes USA trailer at the track.


VetFest On Site Signup, Practice & Racing Schedule

Registration 7:30 – 9:30 pm Thursday / 8:30 am Friday / 7:00 am Saturday

Friday Practice starts at noon; 3 rounds.

Saturday Practice starts at 9:00 am; racing immediately following.

No memberships are required for this event.

*New >>> $5 per racer  transponder fee – pay online or at Laptimes USA trailer FIRST, then bring transponder to registration.

VetFest Race Classes

18 Plus A, B, Novice, Women
25 Plus A, B, Novice
30 Plus A, B, Novice
35 Plus A, B, Novice
40 Plus A, B, Novice
45 Plus A, B, Novice
50 Plus A, B/C
55 Plus
65 Plus
70 Plus

PLEASE SIGN UP EARLY FOR FRIDAY SO WE CAN SET THE GROUPS! Friday practice registration is set up like race classes; we will create the groups at the track based on the entries.


Part of the District 14 ATV State Championship series, and open to all riders on 4 wheels, whether you’ve been following the series or not.  AMA membership required for all racers; District 14 required for all Michigan racers.

With classes for all ages and quads,  most riders will have the option to enter 2 classes.  Please take note if you have a BEGINNER rider: WE WILL NOT BE USING THE 50 TRACK.  The LaRocco’s Leap section is omitted for 50cc classes, but they use the rest of the big track.  Check out the YTD series classes and results here.


ATV Gate Info

Gate resets and opens at 3pm Saturday for ATV racers; gate will be open all night Saturday.  (No camping available Sunday night.). Prices are for all racers, and for spectators ages 12 & up.

Price Takes effect at Ticket good through
$20 7pm Saturday (early staging as early as 3pm) Sunday
$15 6am Sunday

** IMPORTANT: Parking in the pit areas will begin at approximately 7pm.  For your convenience, you can come in and park in a lower camping lot as early as 3:00 pm and walk to the track area if you’d like.  We’ll stage rigs in order of arrival and release everyone to park after the Vet race pits are mostly clear.

ATV Registration Info


On site hours: Saturday 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm /  Sunday 7:00 am

$5 per racer transponder fee – pay online or at Laptimes USA trailer at the track.

Race fee $45 per class.

ATV On Site Signup, Practice and Racing Schedule

AMA Membership is required for all racers.  PLEASE JOIN OR RENEW ONLINE  IF NEEDED!
District 14 Membership is required for all Michigan racers.  PLEASE JOIN OR RENEW ONLINE  IF NEEDED!

Registration 7:00 pm Saturday, or as posted.

Sunday Practice starts at 9:00 am, racing immediately following (approximately 10:00 am).

$5 per racer transponder fee – pay online or at Laptimes USA trailer FIRST, then bring transponder to registration.

$45 per race class.

ATV Race Classes

Quad A
Quad B
Quad C
Quad 14 Plus
Quad 30 Plus
Quad 40 Plus
Quad 50 Plus
Quad 2-Stroke Open
Quad Limited Stock Sport
Quad Women
Quad Utility
Quad Schoolboy Beginner
Quad Schoolboy Advanced
Quad Youth Open
Quad 90 Modified
Quad 90 Auto/Production
Quad 90 Junior
Quad 70 Senior (ages 6-11)
Quad 70 Junior (age 6-11)
Quad 50 Senior (age 4-8)
Quad 50 Junior (age 4-6)

See D14 ATV Rules for age and cc requirements.
See 2023 AMA Rulebook, Section 1.4  for complete racer and machine requirements.