Gates and registration open at 10am.  (There’s no camping before or after Open Riding.)

BIG TRACK open 12pm – 6pm for 65cc & up motorcycles. Groups are Expert, Novice, Vet Racers, Minibikes.  15-minute turns on the track.  (Expert and Novice groups are split into 2 groups each on if needed.)

50 TRACK open 12:30pm – 5:30pm for 50s, 60/65s, 80/85, and trail bikes up to 150F, and miniquads.  Groups vary depending on the number of riders.  Check schedule at the 50 track entrance.

No memberships required except to ride the Expert or Vet Racer groups. Bring us an AMA, GLMX, District card or some other proof that you’re a racer.  We’ll accept cards expired up to one year.

$6 gate admission fee for all riders, and for spectators age 12 & up.  $30 riding fee.

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RedBud Physical Address:

13638 Redbud Trail North, Buchanan, MI 49107
Phone: 269-695-6405