The tradition continues!

What started as a would be rained out qualifier 23 years ago has become an annual favorite, and the traditional race season finale at RedBud.  When a rain drenched track wasn’t ridable for a qualifier in 1994, Gene improvised and made a course in the grassy, hilly area to the right (north) of the ski jump.  Everyone loved it!  The Nine One One Shop back in the day got behind the race, an XR 75 Championship race was added, and a classic event was born.  It’s the perfect fall race, holding up well under any weather conditions (and we’ve had them all)!  The course layout is different every year, using the pro track starting line and heading off course shortly after the ski jump.  It’s natural terrain with off-cambers and elevation changes, and it gets rough.  Old school MX at it’s best!

Gate Hours and Prices

Grass race rescheduled for November 5.  Details will be posted soon!



Open Riding registration opens at 8am Saturday.  Cost is $30 per group.  *No memberships required, BUT you need to bring a race membership (can be expired up to 1 year), or other proof that you’re a racer, in order to ride the A/B or Vet Racer groups.
Big Track Groups are: A/B Class Racers, C Class/Non-Racers, Vet Racers, Minibikes (65s/85s), Quads (Schoolboy & up).
KTM Kids Track Groups (may be split further depending on turnout): 50cc Jrs/Srs, 50cc SS/Trail/Beginner, 65s/85s/Trail bikes, Quads (up to 90cc)

Sunday Race registration open from 1pm – 5pm Saturday; reopens at 7am Sunday.
$35/grass track class (includes transponder rental at no additional charge; $100 security deposit required)
$30/KTM Kids Track class
*NEW: XR Classes will be $30 or $35, depending on whether we can use transponders.

Cash, Visa and MasterCard accepted at registration.

AMA membership is encouraged for all racers.  Save time at the track and join AMA online!  You can join at the track if needed.  Full membership is $49.
The following discounted full memberships are available at the track but NOT online: Youth racer membership (age 11 and under) is $29.  Family membership (for racers who live at the same address) is $98.  Please note you cannot race with an Associate Membership.

GLMX membership is required for Michigan, Indiana and northern Illinois racers.  $20 for a one-year membership.  $5 for a temporary membership, good for the weekend.  KEEP YOUR TEMPORARY MEMBERSHIP CARD.  You can pay $5 each weekend you use it and we’ll stamp your card.  If you get four stamps, we’ll upgrade you to a full membership.

XR Championship Race

The halftime XR Championship races are part of the rich tradition of the Grass Race, with two classes for these ultimate old school mini racers:  Twin Shock and Single Shock.

Rules & Info:
Bike must be an XR or CRF 75 or 80 with correct frame and motor; engine modifications are allowed.
Must have minibike (no supermini) wheels.  Due to limited selection of 16″ front tires, 17″ tires are allowed.
Racers must be at least 18 years old.
XR practice will be the last practice in the morning; 1 moto for each class (and qualifiers if needed) will be at intermission.
We’ve been close to needing qualifiers the past few years, but running the larger track helps!
Race course is a shortened version of the grass track with a flag start (in the grass, of course).
Since we’re charging a normal signup fee this year, we’ll spread the payback out beyond just the top 3.

Saturday Night Fun

Trick-or-treating in the pits Saturday at 5:30pm. Pumpkin carving at the west end of the starting line, after Trick-or-Treating.  Check with signup in case location changes!

Bonfire Saturday night at the far south end of the pits (between the first row and the grass track) at dark; everyone’s welcome!

More Information and Links

No charge for camping.  No RV hookups available.  Pets must be on a leash.  Must be 16 to use a pit vehicle.

Click for a list of classes.

Click for more facility info and rules.

After the event, you can find results under the “For Racers” tab on our home page.

RedBud Physical Address:

13638 Redbud Trail North, Buchanan, MI 49107
Phone: 269-695-6405